9 Warning Signs You’re Stressed (And You Need To Relax)

Are you worried you’re not relaxed enough?Stress. Commitments. Responsibilities……Sometimes modern life has no chill.And it’s incredibly easy to lose sight of when you’re not relaxed.In fact, it’s so much easier to see stress in others than it is in yourself.But that’s super dangerous:Because if you’re not relaxed, you’re exposed to all the physical & mental perils of stress.So in this guide, you’ll discover 9 warning signs that you’re not relaxed…

9 Warning Signs You’re Not Relaxed.

1. You’re Irritable.

Do you ever get irritable but you don’t know why?Is your blood boiling over simple thing like slow Netflix loading times?The more stressed you are, the more you’re likely to explode like a volcano of anger!

2. Low Libido.

It’s a little embarrassing but stress can seriously weaken your libido.And when you’re stressed, your body produces less libido boosting hormones.

3. Hair Loss.

Ever combed your hair & and wondered if you’ll have anything left?!

Don’t order that terribly obvious wig just yet.

Because may just need to chill out…

Stress takes a HUGE toll on our bodies.

And hair loss is a way of your body warning you that you’re over-stressed.

4. Mood Swings.

Stress causes your hormones to yo-yo – because your body doesn’t know how to react.

…It’s like your body has pressed the panic button and your brain goes into chaos.

5. You’re Not Enjoying Work.

Work is a huge part of our identity:

We feel attached to it. We’re extremely passionate about it. It can define who we are.

But it’s also a major cause of stress.

And if your thoughts are buzzing at a 100 miles an hour about work, then that’s a key sign that you might be exhausted.

If you’re finding it hard to switch off, check out a few meditation techniques that will help you to escape from the pressures of work.

These tips might also help you manage stress in the workplace.

6. Dramatic Weight Fluctuations.

The struggle is real:

Emotional eating is a BIG sign that you’re not relaxed.

For some, we eat too little. For others, we eat too much.

Being over-stressed will dramatically change your appetite – which then affects how you look & how much you weigh.

If you’re looking for some tips to improve your wellbeing, check out these articles.

7. You Can’t Sleep.

Are you spending the whole night tossing and turning?

When you’re not relaxed, you can’t switch off. And when you can’t switch off, you can’t sleep!

It creates a vicious cycle where you become more & more stressed due to a lack of sleep, but you struggle to sleep anymore because you’re too stressed.

Here’s a few tips to get a good nights sleep:

  • Do some yoga.
  • Read a book.
  • Learn some relaxation techniques.
  • Take a bath before bed.
  • Turn your mobile, tablet & laptop off at least an hour before you try to sleep.

To sleep well when you’re stressed, you need to find a way to unwind before bed. The above tips should help you!

8. Anxiety.

Anxiety has to be the world’s worst feeling!

And when you’re stressed, it’s going to take up a big portion of your time.

Racing thoughts. Heart palpitations. That impending feeling of doom.

These are all forms of anxiety that will signal you’re not relaxed.

If you’re constantly feeling like this, your stress is in overdrive.

9. Endlessly Finding Problems.

It’s incredibly to find problems in everything.

But that’s even more true when you’re not relaxed.

Stress is deceptively subtle.

You may not realise it but if you feel disappointed, upset or simply annoyed with almost everything you do, you’re probably way too stressed.

In a world where social media makes us feel like we need to be perfect, we’re constantly digging for new problems.