What The New Moon In Capricorn Means For You

Do you know what the new moon in Capricorn means for you? On December 23, 2022, the new Moon in Capricorn occurs at 12:43 a.m. The new Moon occurs every twenty-nine days and twenty-nine nights, and it called a time of darkness in the lunar cycle. It is not inherently negative or sad, however. We can view it in various ways.

When our eyes closed, darkness signifies a inward pull of energy. It depicts time when the light is shut out of our consciousness. When we are in darkness, we are with ourselves and our unique energy. Instead of searching for answers and ideas in the external world, we may now access them through exploring our subconscious.

What the new Moon in Capricorn means for you

The conjunction of the new Moon with the Sun in the same zodiac sign prompts us to make and keep intentions in our lives. We should look over everything that is going well and everything that is not and decide whether to continue or discontinue it. We should also abandon the things that are not in line with our big dream and seek out the things that are.

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It is important to recognize that our energy and attention are finite resources. They consumed by a variety of activities, so make sure you are paying attention to what draws you away from being the person you want to be. What might be stealing your energy? Is it unprocessed emotions, attachments to the past, expectations of what might happen, or even relationships? In order to set intentions for this new Moon, ask yourself what distracts you from being the person you want to be.

If you want to spend all of your energy on things and people that give you the same amount of energy back, you must be present in a reciprocal relationship with everything in your life. You never depleted if you are present with everything in your life. What is draining your energy and preventing you from focusing on your potential? You distracted by something that does not deserve your attention? Is someone demanding too much of you? Is your inability to focus on your goals because of unresolved emotions?

Before the new Moon in Capricorn, make sure you are clear about where and how you are spending your energy. Notice where you are gaining energy back and where you are losing it. Align with the structure of Capricorn to create containers and boundaries for the things that take too much from you.

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Daily processing and releasing emotions is key if you want to free up your focus and energy. Give them some attention daily and then limit them as much as possible. Journaling about your emotions a great way to ensure they’re seen and heard, but do not consume your day. Instead, focus on being present to your experience and processing your feelings.

You can perform this method with anything that seeks too much attention. Maybe a person is trying to devour too much of your time. You may limit their access every week or every other week to ensure they feel seen while you maintain a healthy margin.

You can also handle attachments from the past this way. Each week or day, give these thoughts attention, then resist the urge to think about them throughout the day. Give yourself the power to concentrate on what you want and not what wants you to. Also, look for activities that contribute to you. This may be a project, a person, or an activity. By identifying what restores your energy, you enter a cycle of reciprocity.

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How to navigate the new Moon in Capricorn

The small steps that subtotal the big aspirations are what this new Moon in Capricorn is all about. With Capricorn’s teaching, we define our daily, weekly, and monthly routines.

When you are clear about where you want to direct your efforts in the future, write down your desires. The place to begin creating your goals is your morning ritual. At this new Moon, define the beginning of your day. We set the stage for our dreams to flourish during these early hours. Even if you don’t know what you want in the future or this new Moon, set aside the time to investigate.

What time do you want to wake up each day, what your first actions will look like, and what practices will help you become energized? The morning is an important moment, and we often miss it. You will want to create a ritual that continues to your early morning hours, right after the sun has scattered the day’s energy and you have found peace in the stillness around you.

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Now that the new Moon has provided you with the opportunity to begin establishing routines and rituals for the start of the year, what aspects of your life should you focus on? What projects, people, or aspirations do you want to nourish with your energy? Time is the mistress of our world. We can bend it, but we cannot break it. We must decide how to spend our time and use it to achieve our goals with focus, determination, and clarity.

Think of energy as your currency. They can invest it, save it, or spend it. It will have enough to spend, but you will not feel abundant in it. But will want to invest your energy at times, meaning you will give it to something and may even feel depleted for a time, but you will gain more back than you originally sent out.

What would you like to receive, what energies do you want to send back, and what vibrations help you grow? Match the new Moon with your desires to decide the vibration you want to manifest in your life.

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The new Moon encourages you to see the future unfold and determine the steps necessary to bring about the life you desire. It is a moment to let the Universe know you are ready to move forward.

Other astrological influences on the new Moon

With this new Moon in Capricorn, Jupiter squares Aries. Friction and tension can result from these squares, so be aware of them. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance. It reminds us that we are in charge of our own growth. We make the decision as to how big our life can become, and whether to remain small.

In this sign, Jupiter in the Lion encourages us to look inside and determine if we are failing to live up to our soul’s goals. It urges us to take up space and prioritize ourselves. It also demands that we act, since we were born to live up to our potentials.

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Your invitation

The new Moon Capricorn, squaring Jupiter prompts you to write goals and envision a life in which your soul potential is realised. Are you hesitant to expand because of fear or self-doubt? Can you be bold, put yourself first, and step into your full potential? If you feel the pressure building in your life, it’s because you’ve reached a point where you must break out of your old barriers into a new way of being.

It possible that you avoiding taking the steps you need for your growth because you are immersed in energy drains? Yes, it can be challenging to grow past your comfort zone, but Jupiter’s energy complements Capricorn’s to help you overcome blockages and climb your mountain. On this new Moon, feel the possibility of your life and know there is no limit to your potential.

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