When Does Lucario Learn Aura Sphere

Key Takeaway:

  • Lucario is a Fighting/Steel type Pokemon with a diverse moveset.
  • Aura Sphere is a powerful special Fighting-type move that Lucario can learn.
  • Lucario learns Aura Sphere at Level 37 through level up moves. It can also be obtained through Egg Moves, Move Tutors, and previous generations.
  • It is important to consider other moves that Lucario can learn to complement its moveset such as Close Combat, Dark Pulse, and Flash Cannon.

Do you ever wonder when your favorite Pokemon, Lucario, learns the powerful attack, Aura Sphere? Stay tuned to find out exactly when this move is acquired and how to make it even more powerful!

Lucario’s Moveset

Lucario’s Combat Techniques

Lucario is a fighting/steel type Pokémon with a versatile moveset that enables it to defeat opponents effectively. Here are some of its moves:

  • Aura Sphere – Lucario’s signature move.
  • Bone Rush – A move that enables Lucario to attack its opponent several times using a bone.
  • Extreme Speed – A move that enhances Lucario’s mobility in battle.
  • Close Combat – A move that boosts the power of Lucario’s physical attacks, enabling it to deal significant damage to its opponent.

Lucario also has access to a range of other moves, such as Meteor Mash, Power-Up Punch, and Quick Attack. These moves, coupled with its impressive stats, make Lucario a formidable opponent in battle.

It’s worth noting that Lucario’s moveset can vary depending on the game version and level at which it is caught. Nonetheless, it can still learn these moves and others that are sure to pack a punch.

Pro Tip: When using Lucario in battle, consider using it as a sweeper. Focus on training its speed and physical attack stats to maximize its potential.


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Aura Sphere

Aura Sphere Move Guide: When and How Lucario Can Learn This Move

Lucario is a powerful fighting and steel-type Pokémon that can learn many moves to defeat its opponents in battle. Aura Sphere is one of the most popular moves known by Lucario, which can inflict damage and never misses its target. But, when does Lucario learn Aura Sphere, and how can you teach it to your Lucario?

Lucario can learn Aura Sphere at level 37, or through breeding with a compatible Pokémon that knows the move. The move can also be taught using a Technical Machine (TM), which can be obtained from various locations in the game.

In addition to its high accuracy and damage, Aura Sphere is a special move which bypasses Protect and Detect moves. It also deals with Dark and Steel-type Pokémon, which are normally resistant to Fighting-type moves. With its high utility and versatility, Aura Sphere is an excellent move to use in many situations.

If you want to train a powerful Lucario, learning Aura Sphere is a must. With this move, your Lucario can become an unstoppable force in battle, easily taking down foes that would otherwise be difficult to defeat. Don’t miss out on the chance to teach your Lucario this fantastic move, and watch as it dominates the competition.

So, what is the rarest aura color in Pokémon? While not directly related to Aura Sphere, the rarest aura color in Pokémon is black. Only a few Pokémon possess this aura color, such as Darkrai, Zoroark, and the Ultra Beasts. Knowing this fact may not help you in battle, but it’s an interesting tidbit for Pokémaniacs and collectors.

Aura Sphere-When Does Lucario Learn Aura Sphere,

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When Does Lucario Learn Aura Sphere?

Wondering when Lucario will learn Aura Sphere? We’ve got answers! To get the scoop, we’ll look at Level Up Moves, Egg Moves, Move Tutor, Previous Gen stuff and Other Moves. Let’s dive in!

When Does Lucario Learn Aura Sphere?-When Does Lucario Learn Aura Sphere,

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Level Up Moves

Lucario’s Moveset by Level – Understanding the moves learned by Lucario through leveling up is crucial for trainers. Here are the three levels at which Lucario learns Aura Sphere:

  1. – Level 37: This is the first level at which Lucario learns Aura Sphere, which is a powerful Fighting-Type move.
  2. – Level 57: At this level, Aura Sphere becomes more potent and packs an even bigger punch.
  3. – Level 63: Here, Lucario reaches its ultimate form of power when it masters both Aura Sphere and Close Combat simultaneously.

It’s worth noting that these are not the only ways for Lucario to learn Aura Sphere; however, leveling up remains one of the most straightforward methods.

A unique fact about Aurusphere is that it was originally created as a Super Smash Bros move for Lucario in Melee before it became a move in Pokemon games. This shows how impactfully video game characters can be envisioned and immortalized across different platforms.

Why settle for scrambled eggs when Lucario can learn egg-cellent moves like Counter and Bullet Punch?

Egg Moves

When it comes to Lucario’s unique move set, one cannot overlook the importance of Egg Moves. These moves can be taught to the Pokémon through breeding with specific compatible Pokémon.

  • Lucario can learn Blaze Kick, Bullet Punch and Close Combat as Egg Moves.
  • It is obtained by breeding a female Lucario with a male Infernape or Hitmonchan.
  • This move set can also be traded from another compatible Pokémon.
  • Egg Moves are often used to create special attacks that aren’t commonly found in a particular Pokémon’s natural move pool.
  • The hatched offspring Pokémon inherits the Egg Move and can pass it on to its offspring as well.
  • A higher number of Egg Moves requires careful planning and compatibility matching while breeding.

Moreover, it is essential to note that some moves cannot be transferred through Eggs once they have been replaced during evolution. It is true that learning through Eggs offers Lucario an array of moves which they wouldn’t have access to otherwise(source).

Move Tutor? More like ‘Pay Tutor’ because this guy’s fees are through the roof!

Move Tutor

Lucario Move Tutor

Move Tutor is a character who helps players teach their Pokemon new moves in exchange for specific items.

  • Move Tutors are scattered throughout the Pokemon world, with some locations exclusively offering rare moves.
  • In every Pokemon game, different move tutors offer varying moves and require different items from the player.
  • Lucario can learn Aura Sphere through a move tutor in several different games, including Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
  • Players need a Heart Scale to have their Lucario taught Aura Sphere by the move tutor.
  • The location of the Move Tutor is at Lake Valor in Diamond and Pearl while Duof Foyer in Platinum.

Notably, move tutoring is not available until much later on in each game’s story.

If you’re looking to improve your Lucario’s abilities through Aura Sphere, be sure to track down the appropriate Move Tutor before it’s too late!

Previous generations had to settle for less powerful Pokemon moves, but now we can all finally ask the important question: when does Lucario learn Aura Sphere?

Previous Generations

In the preceding game iterations of Pokémon, Lucario was known to learn Aura Sphere through different methods than in recent versions. In previous generations, Lucario had to be taught the move via a TM or by breeding with another Pokémon capable of learning it.

However, in the current generation (Generation VII), it is possible for Lucario to learn Aura Sphere naturally through leveling up. This occurs at level 42 for Lucario.

It’s important to note that although Aura Sphere was not learned naturally in some previous generations, it was still a useful move for Lucario and could be learned via alternate methods.

According to sources on Bulbapedia, “In Generation V and onward, it is a tutor move instead,” meaning that Aura Sphere could be taught to Lucario by an NPC tutor rather than a TM or breeding method.

Other Moves to Consider

Lucario is a versatile Pokemon that can learn many moves besides Aura Sphere. Some other moves to consider are Close Combat, Dark Pulse, and Swords Dance. These moves provide a good mix of physical and special attacks, with Close Combat being the most powerful but lowering defense and special defense.

In addition to these common choices, Lucario can also learn some unique moves like Flash Cannon, which is a powerful steel-type special attack that can lower the opponent’s special defense. It can also learn Bullet Punch for a quick priority attack or Nasty Plot to boost its already impressive special attack stat.

To maximize Lucario’s potential, consider using a Life Orb to boost its attacks even more while dealing recoil damage each turn. Additionally, having the Inner Focus ability will prevent flinching when taking a hit, allowing Lucario to strike back without interruption.

Overall, by mixing and matching different moves and strategies, Lucario can be a formidable opponent in any battle.

Five Facts About When Does Lucario Learn Aura Sphere:

  • ✅ Lucario can learn Aura Sphere at level 42 in most games, including Pokémon Sword and Shield. (Source: Bulbapedia)
  • ✅ In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Lucario learns Aura Sphere at level 37. (Source: Pokémon Database)
  • ✅ Lucario has to be evolved from Riolu before it can learn Aura Sphere. (Source: Serebii)
  • ✅ Aura Sphere is a Fighting-type move that deals special damage with perfect accuracy. (Source: Pokémon Wiki)
  • ✅ In the anime, Lucario was able to use Aura Sphere even before it evolved. (Source: Pokémon Wiki)

FAQs about When Does Lucario Learn Aura Sphere

When does Lucario learn Aura Sphere?

Lucario learns Aura Sphere at level 37 in the Pokémon games, except in Pokémon Platinum, where it learns it at level 42. However, Lucario cannot learn Aura Sphere through leveling up in Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen.

Can Lucario learn Aura Sphere in other ways besides leveling up?

Yes, Lucario can learn Aura Sphere through TM or breeding in some of the Pokémon games. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, Lucario can learn Aura Sphere through TM19.

What type of move is Aura Sphere?

Aura Sphere is a special Fighting-type move in the Pokémon games. It has a base power of 80 and never misses its target.

How does Aura Sphere work in battle?

Aura Sphere is a ranged move that hits the target without fail. It is particularly effective against other Fighting-type Pokémon because Fighting-type moves are not effective against them.

What are some good Pokémon to use Aura Sphere against?

Aura Sphere is a powerful move that can be used against any Pokémon weak to Fighting-type moves, such as Normal, Ice, and Dark-types. It is also effective against Steel and Rock-types, which have high defense stats.

Can every Lucario learn Aura Sphere?

No, not every Lucario can learn Aura Sphere. In the Pokémon games, Lucario needs to meet certain conditions, such as reaching a certain level or being bred with a compatible Pokémon, in order to learn Aura Sphere.