White Aura Meaning: What Does the White Aura Mean Spiritually?

What does the white aura mean? What is white energy? And how rare is the white aura?

Discover everything you need to know about the white aura meaning in this spiritual guide

What The White Aura Means

This is one of the most magical colors! Having a white aura is both a rare and wonderful occurrence.

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The color white itself represents purity, honesty, truth, and a state of consciousness. This means that someone with a white aura will reflect these things in their personality and behavior. 

This aura is a sign of someone who has been enlightened to everything in this world that is good, perfect, and beautiful. It symbolizes an awakened consciousness and a rise in higher dimensions.

A white aura can also mean someone is open to possibilities to start over again. They possess endless potential. 

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Spiritual White Aura Meaning 

Many psychics carry a white aura, and this is not surprising considering the spiritual depth of people with white light.

white aura Spiritual Meaning

When you want something new, and you desire to empty yourself and fill the space with something new, your aura can turn white. 

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An aura will not be white unless someone is deeply rooted in their spiritual self.

Their hearts must be pure and clean as this is what the color white stands for.

Not many can achieve the level of spirituality and enlightenment required by a white aura – it’s a rare find indeed to see someone with these colors. 

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White Aura Shades

White Aura Shades

While people with white light are often unusual, not all white aura’s are the same. The colors, energies and shades can differ from person to person, and each means something slightly different. 

Pure White

Pure white has an element of peace and healing. Many believe that God’s own light is powerful and white – this is indicative of the power and beauty of a white aura in a person.

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The pure white shade can aide in both physical and spiritual recovery as well as remove negative energies.

Within the realm of pure white, there are generally two people groups. The first is usually made up of newborns and young children.

These are people who have, of course, had very little worldly experience and are still extremely innocent in mind, body, and soul.

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They are a blank slate and aren’t purposely trying to achieve this shade or it’s energies.

The next group is on the other side of the spectrum and are much older.

These are people who have experienced much life and have worked hard the whole time to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

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This can be someone who is highly religious and have followed their practices closely. Or, it can be someone who is simply spiritual and has worked very hard to forge a moral path in their life.

It is rare for adults to reach this shade and it’s something that is typically more closely associated with angels. 

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Non-Pure White Light

Non-Pure White aura

The next group of people with white auras are those with non-pure white.

These auras and energies are still white, and they still symbolize the same things, but they have a dark tone to them.

This could be anything from a slightly off-white shade to almost fully grey. 

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This dark shade represents energies that are weighing you down. You possess the aura’s bright qualities, but you have something within you that is imperfect and tainting your life and your happiness.

For most, the weight is a spiritual one.

It could be some doubts you can’t shake or a desire for something you don’t need that would prevent spiritual progress. It could also just be the fact that you’re too bogged down in your life and you struggle to find time to nurture and discover your spirituality. 

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Most people with a non-pure white aura are capable of achieving the purest bright state, but it will take some effort.

You need to take action against whatever is hindering you and remove it. This could mean taking a vacation or using some other means to temporarily escape your day-to-day. 

How to Tell if You Have a White Aura

How to Tell if You Have a White Aura

With so many different factors that go into the color of your aura, it can be difficult to determine if yours is this color or not.

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However, with some careful observation of yourself and a solid knowledge of the aura’s characteristics, you can learn to figure out whether you have this aura. 

Key Personality Traits

While the entirety of the aura is complex, there are several key traits to look for in yourself that can tell you if your aura is this color.

Someone with a white aura will be extremely sensitive, intuitive, and may possess psychic abilities. This connects you to angels and spirit guides as you are extremely spiritually developed.

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You can use the wisdom that comes with this to calm yourself in the midst of confusion or intense emotion. You can also use it to help someone else who is going through a difficult emotional period. 

Those with a white aura are also very adaptable and versatile. You easily go with the flow and you find a way to make any circumstance work.

You’re curious, you love to read, and you know the value of an authentic, intellectual conversation. You also have a great deal of discernment when it comes to your friendships and business decisions.

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You carry yourself well and in a distinguished way – with a clean, tidy appearance, taking great care of yourself and how you present yourself. 

Ultimately – a white aura is intelligent, cultured, introverted, you enjoy your quiet time, and love to learn. There is much more than this to a white aura, but these traits are key in determining if you have one or not. 

Achieving Spiritual Balance

Someone with white energy is highly balanced by nature and they are naturally inclined to do good, not wrong. 

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However, someone with white energy is easily overwhelmed, and the daily tasks and ordeals of everyday life can become challenging – as is true with anyone.

Their energy levels can become disturbed and they will need to make an effort to restore them. There are a few things you can do to rebalance. The first is to ensure you understand your aura and how you relate to the world.

You need to know that it won’t be easy and keeping yourself balanced is a difficult feat to achieve.

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Situations and circumstances can become overwhelming, and you need to make sure you find a balance of these in your life.

Avoid negativity at all costs and focus on the beauty in life. You also need to pay attention to the energy drain. There are many people who have low energy and therefore drain it from others.

If you’re feeling drained and exhausted, you may be spending too much time with these people.

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These people aren’t necessarily bad, you just need to be careful how much time you spend with them.

Lastly, you need to keep yourself healthy – mentally, spiritually, and physically. Stay hydrated and exercise regularly. These things will keep you stabilized and your aura balanced. 

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Chakra System

Chakra’s are what keep your energy balanced and running properly. This, in turn, helps keep you balanced and functioning well.

The chakra system of someone with this aura is very open.

Chakra’s are at an optimal balance and run at an optimal level. This powerful flow of energy is what increases your frequency and gives you that deeper connection with divinity.

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Someone with this amazing energy flow will enjoy good health and all seven bodies of their aura are aligned and in harmony

White Aura Personality Traits

The personality of someone with this aura are distinct. There are many unique things about these people, and this aura dictates a lot of what happens in their lives. It has an impact on many areas and how they operate within them. 


Those with this aura can be reserved and introverted but possess powerful healing abilities.

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Their aura wards of bad and negative energy just by being present. They are protective by nature and will work to defend the weak and vulnerable from enemies of all kinds. They are drawn to those with great needs and often express a great deal of empathy.

Many people will naturally turn to them in times of need or trouble. 

white aura Personality traits

These pure and innocent traits also make them susceptible to deceit. You must be careful not to fall for tricks or schemes that play on your natural angelic feelings to help and do good. 

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Those with white aura tend to develop friendships easily, as long as the person supports their moral views and is a good person.

As friends, they are fiercely loyal and will always be willing to help – like a guardian. The downside to these relationships is that those with a lot of flaws or insecurities may feel judged and unworthy.

The ones gifted with this aura don’t do this on purpose, it simply happens due to their pure nature and connection to a higher power that drives them to do good. 

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It appears they’re not really bothered about money. Instead, someone with white energy will be most happy in a workplace that is social and offers many interactions with others. They will also appreciate a job that allows them to be a help or benefit to others.

If their career lacks either of these things, they will find it difficult to succeed as they become easily distracted.

Common career paths for someone with a white aura include nurses, therapists, and animal rescues – anything where their unique experiences and vibration can shine.

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They are among the least likely to cause problems and disruptions in the workplace and will be highly reliable, social and dependable. 


Unlike the blue, red and violet auras it comes to a romantic relationship and finding a partner, partners of those with a white aura need to be aware of the risks.

Their purity and innocence make them gullible – this is something you should watch out for and help them understand. 

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In return for this extra effort and mindfulness, they will receive the deepest, most intense level of love they’ve ever experienced.

However, it is important to note that you will not be their entire world. They have an innate desire to help and serve others, and this will be a priority to them as well. If you get in the way of this part of them, they may no longer want to be in the relationship. 


1. What does it mean to have a white aura?

To have a white aura means you are extremely spiritually enlightened with a connection to the divine.

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Your personality is so unique and pure and your contributions to society are great. Your desire to help people is strong, and you act on it. You serve others in your own free time, and even your chosen career is one in which you can help and benefit other people. 

Due to your heightened spirituality and sensitivity, you will be more reserved and introverted. There are certain people who you will need to balance your time with as they will drain your energy.

Take note of how people make you feel and allocate your time accordingly. 

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2. What are the benefits of having a white aura?

Having white energy means you are aware to the needs and emotions of others. Not only can you help yourself in confusing or overwhelming situations, but you also can help others in the same way.

Those in need are drawn to you and seek advice because they know you will be able to help them.

You will enjoy deep and loving relationships filled with loyalty and support. You are also able to heal others through your positive energy which wards off the bad just by being there. 

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3. What does a White aura represent?

A white aura reflects purity, innocence, faith, desire, confidence, and overall goodness.

Many also believe it represents and signifies a connection to the divine – a confident higher power or spiritual being in harmony. 

4. What is the rarest aura?

The rarest aura is the white one. It is rare to come by and even harder to maintain if you have it.

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White energy is common only in newborn babies who have not yet experienced real life. It can also be found in older people who have spent a lifetime achieving this level of spiritual awakening.

Finding it in any others is extremely rare – more so than any other color.

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