Why Does De-stressing Help the Other People Around You

de-stressing help the other people around you

Life is a whirlwind of love, family, work, climate change, technology, social media, and then some. All of this can put you into a stressful state that can lead to you treating the people around you unfairly and harshly. Therefore, de-stressing and relaxation come into play. If you don’t take some time to unburden yourself from the world’s stresses, your body will force you to do it. Our health is a major factor that dictates how we live. So, looking for ways to get healthy fast is paramount to establish a healthy lifestyle. One way to improve your health is to de-stress. We’ve looked at some tips on how de-stressing can help you and other people around you.



The late author Laurie Colwin once said, “We need time to defuse, to contemplate. Just as in sleep, our brains relax and give us dreams, so at some time in the day, we need to disconnect, reconnect, and look around us.” There are many health benefits to taking time off to relax. Naturally, your well-being should be top of mind no matter what you do, and contrary to widespread belief, always being productive is not good for you. Taking time out to relax is a form of productivity. Stress can affect everything from your blood pressure to your cholesterol and even your heart too. It can even affect your relationships. Here are some pointers on how you can relax. 

  • Schedule off days: We know that taking an entire day to yourself can be a bit of a stretch, but we advise it anyway. Life often becomes so hectic that you forget to take a moment to yourself and breathe. At least once a week, plan some time where you get to sit on the couch (or whatever relaxes you) and read or watch your favorite TV show. Switch your mobile off and ask your loved ones not to bother you for a couple of hours. Chances are you will feel much better, and you will treat those around you much better too. Remember that when we are stressed, we tend to be on edge and can sometimes push those close to us away. 
  • Meditate: There are apps available for download that help with this, but if technology is not your thing, you can do this. Start by breathing: breathe in deeply and exhale. Do this a couple of times, especially when you are feeling super stressed. Close your eyes for a few minutes and continue to practice your breathing. If it means you are doing it multiple times a day, and it works, keep doing it. 
  • Communication: Look, while this might not relieve your stress, it can help you to get there. If you are prone to lash out at others when you are under immense pressure, practice telling people where you are and how you are feeling. Be honest and ask for some time to deal with your emotions. It’s only fair that you are allowed your space to deal with personal things. In the same breath, it’s unfair to treat anyone harshly because you feel stressed out. The next thing you can do is speak to your loved ones about your stress.
manage your stress

Managing your stress

A large part of managing your stress levels is dealing with it. Figuring out the triggers and then plotting a course of action to de-stress is going to help you to overcome them, and everyone will benefit here.

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  • Add relaxation to your routine: Find the time during your day to take time to yourself. Build this into your relaxation routine, and just take time to free your mind.
  • Name your stress: Sometimes, this can become difficult, and it’s not as straightforward as you would think. The best you can do is to look at your habits, attitude, and excuses. 
  • Learn to say no: The art of saying no is probably one of the more difficult things. But it does not have to be. Ask yourself this, “Is what they ask something I should be doing?” If the answer is no, then say no. Often we don’t want others to feel, and we want them to see us in a great light; however, saying no sets boundaries. Not only that, but you will also feel less inclined to just do things even though your plate is already packed. It also strengthens your relationships with others. They will more than likely respect you more for having boundaries. 
  • Move: Find an activity that involves some active time. It can be walking, jogging, and even cycling. These activities are also relaxing since it allows you the time to clear your head. 
  • Work on your relationships: Spend more quality time with the people you love. There is a lot of comfort and relaxation when you just sit down with your partner, parents, friends, or siblings and just chat. Not only does it make you feel so much better, but it also builds and strengthens relationships.