Yellow Aura Meaning: What Does The Yellow Aura Mean?

What does a yellow aura mean?

How do you know if your aura colour is yellow?

Discover all of this plus much more in our guide below!

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Determining the Meaning of Yellow Aura

A yellow aura generally represents joy, freedom, energy, and a high level of spirituality. Those with yellow aura are highly intelligent, creative, and they appreciate deep and meaningful friendships. 

With any aura color, there are different shades that can mean different things. Some auras can have an extremely wide range of shades with many differences. 

Yellow aura’s, however, are a little more simple. They are broken down into just two categories: light and dark shades.

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The general view of light and dark is an association with good and evil.

Here, this is not the case. The darker shades don’t represent evil, but merely some internal chaos or turmoil that the person is dealing with. 

Brow Chakra or the Third Eye

Seeing the aura of another person is not always the easiest thing to accomplish, especially with all the different shades and colors out there.

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If you’re new to the concept or have never done it before, there is a process you can use to allow you to better see auras.

This is something you can practice on a regular basis. 

  1. Place your subject in front of you with a plain white background and soft lighting. Color backgrounds can cause problems seeing the correct color as the aura color can combine with the background.

    Interpreting combined colors is another thing in itself.
  2. You need to pick a single spot to look at. The best place to focus on is the middle of the forehead. This spot is known as the “brow chakra” or the “third eye.” Some cultures (primarily in India) will place a mark on this spot on the forehead. This can be an invitation to look at the aura.
  3. Focus on this spot and nothing else for at least 30-60 seconds, or longer if you can stand it.
  4. After this, begin to analyze what’s around you with only your peripherals. Do not remove focus from the spot on the forehead. Maintaining concentration is crucial here. The white background should now begin to change color around the person.

    The longer you can focus and concentrate on the same spot, the better you’ll be able to see the aura. 

Going through this process many times will help you get better at seeing auras. As you master this skill, you can start learning about color combinations and interpreting auras without the plain white background. 

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How to See Your Own Aura

It’s also possible to see your own aura, but it does take just as much concentration and practice. 

To begin, stand in front of a mirror. Ideally, you should be in front of a plain white background in the same soft light as described above. Then, all you need to do is follow the same instructions as above with yourself in the mirror. 

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To gain full auric sight, you should practice this with yourself for at least 10-15 minutes each day. Practicing with others is good too, but you don’t always have this much access to other people 

It is only with regular, consistent practice that you will achieve the sensitivity required to have proper auric sight. 

Determining if You Have a Yellow Aura

There are ways to determine the color of your aura without physically seeing it.

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Each color has its own set of characteristics and personality traits. You can determine whether or not you have a yellow aura by analyzing your personality, desires, moods, and behaviors. 

How Do You Know if You Have a Yellow Aura?

A yellow aura is the most joyful color. Having a yellow aura says a lot about your current mood and attitude.

Overall, a yellow aura means things are going quite well in your life. You have the life that you want. 

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Yellow symbolizes freedom. This means that you are not attached to anything or anyone that is unhealthy or unnecessary.

You aren’t dwelling on the past and you’re free and unhindered in doing whatever you please – whatever makes you happy. 

You may have a yellow aura if you are happy most of the time and are easy for others to please. You’re not picky and you have very little to worry about.

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A good sense of humor and a playful character are other signs of possessing a yellow aura. 

Positive and Negative Side

As with any color aura, there are both positive and negative sides. Different shades, streaks, and tones will represent this in people. 


Creative minds

A solid, bright yellow represents a creative mind that is always planning new ideas and soaking in knowledge. It is the color of pure joy and strong communication.

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An absolutely brilliant yellow can indicate the person is a performer – either in the arts or entertainment. A  brown hue within the yellow can indicate a more scientific mind. 


If the yellow in an aura is streaky and inconsistent, the person could be hiding some jealousy and resentment.

A shade that is hazy and metallic can indicate secrets and poor intentions. 

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Shades of Yellow Aura

As mentioned, the yellow aura has a limited number of shades, unlike some other colors that can have many, many variations.

While it is a simpler color to read and interpret, there are still distinct differences between the light, bright, and darker shades of yellow. 


A light shade of yellow in the aura signifies new beginnings. New beginnings are liberating.

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You may be experiencing new development or a spiritual awakening. It’s not always possible to know exactly what this entails, but something is definitely coming.

If you’ve been thinking about taking up new spiritual practices, now is the time. 

Light yellow is like a newborn baby – you are still new to the yellow aura and the color needs to be nurtured and taken care of to remain healthy. Do your research and learn about what to do before jumping into anything. 

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Begin with meditation. Learn how to do it well and make it a part of your regular routine. Daily meditation will benefit you in many ways. 

Lastly, keep a journal where you record all of your spiritual experiences. This way you can track their development and evolution. You can watch for patterns and determine what you need to work on and where things may be going.

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The bright shade is also known as a “high yellow meaning.” The lighter shade is often filled with joy and optimism. A bright shade represents someone’s inner conflict. They could be fighting against themselves for power and control. 

The yellow aura can turn bright when you’re experiencing something like depression or anxiety. This causes you to go into a state of overthinking and negative mentality.

Thus begins a mental war, and the aura goes brighter. 

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Unfortunately, many people fight this state. They deny being depressed or anxious and simply continue to fight with their own mind rather than admit what’s going on.

No one will ever win this way, so the sooner one accepts the situation and begins to deal with it the better. 

This shade can sometimes result from a disconnection with nature. If you live deep in the city, take a few days off and spend some time with nature. This can help you center yourself and return to a calmer, more positive state of mind. 

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The dark shade is more similar to the bright aura and starkly different from the light yellow. Instead of being in a battle with your mind, a dark shade represents a battle with the heart. It indicates that emotion is clashing with logic. 

This occurs most commonly when you’re involved in a toxic and unhealthy relationship.

Your mind tells you to leave, but your heart wants to stay, as irrational as that may be.

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It could also come from the fact that you’re looking at something too analytically

If you’re overanalyzing something in an attempt to avoid a certain negative result, you may actually cause the result you’re trying to avoid by overthinking the situation and becoming obsessive. 

If you’re struggling with these traits of a dark yellow aura, take a moment to quiet the analytical part of your mind.

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Stop looking at only logic and determine how the situation in question makes you feel. Sometimes, emotions are unreliable. Other times, however, it is necessary for you to take them into consideration. 

Personality Traits

There are many distinct personality traits that come with a yellow aura. Of course, every single person won’t be the same, but there are things that all yellow auras will generally have in common

Some of the most common personality traits of those with a yellow aura: 

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  1.  You are exceptionally creative. You’re good at turning the ideas you have into something real and useful. 
  2. You enjoy creative and challenging endeavors such as writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, etc. You also love to repair broken things. 
  3. You are fun-loving, playful, and easy-going. 
  4. There are parts of you that are still a kid at heart. There are things from your childhood that you still enjoy doing. If you could stay young forever, you would. 
  5. You are very optimistic. 
  6. You are always willing to go with the flow and believe things will work themselves out in the end. 
  7. You don’t hold grudges. 
  8. Friendships are important, but you still enjoy alone time.


There is a common belief that “opposites attract” when it comes to relationships – both romantic and platonic alike. In some cases, this is certainly true. When it comes to yellow auras however, this doesn’t typically work. 

Those with a yellow aura will thrive in relationships where they share traits.

Love and Romance

Many people are intimidated by those with a yellow aura as it is the brightest color on the spectrum. For a romantic relationship to work and thrive, someone with a yellow aura needs a partner who is daring, passionate, and adventurous just like them

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You will be happiest and most content when your partner can share your exciting experiences and exuberant emotions. 

Money and Wealth

If you have a yellow aura, you are likely quite innovative.

This means you want to come up with your own ideas, and this can often translate to business ventures as well.

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No matter what you do or where you work, your creativity and joyful spirit will shine. 

You’ll always be hardworking and committed to what you’re doing. 


Those with a yellow aura are adventurous and often do whatever it is that will make them happy.

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However, there are a number of careers that suit a yellow aura quite well

  • Athlete
  • Comedian
  • Artist
  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Psychologist
  • Therapist
  • Cook
  • Tour guide
  • Steward 
  • Mechanic

Balancing Vast Yellow Energy

Having a yellow aura comes with a lot of energy, passion, and activity. Despite your love and passion for these things, everyone still needs some balance in their life.

There are a few things you can do to balance yourself when the energy of a yellow aura becomes a little too overwhelming. 

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Work-life balance

You’re an intelligent person who thrives in their workplace. But, don’t be afraid to take a break and turn work off for the evening. You need some personal time in order to stay sane. 

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Where you live

With a yellow aura, you will thrive in a sunny, warm, well-lit area. You will not like to live in a place with lots of rain and clouds. 

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Be empowered by the sun

Bathe in the sunlight. Let it soak into your skin and fill every cell in your body. This will stabilize your mind and balance your emotions. 

Befriend nature

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People with yellow aura are particularly connected to nature. They will benefit by connecting with nature and spending time in it on a regular basis. 

The paper burning method

This is a simple process in which you write down all your negative and angry thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper. Then, you burn it and let the smoke take away all the negative energy. 

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Question 1: What is an Aura?

An aura is a color that surrounds a person. It’s not noticeable to a regular, naked eye. You must practice and focus in order to see someone’s aura.

The color of the aura reflects their personality, mood, and character.

Question 2: What Does it Mean if You Have a Yellow Aura?

Those with a yellow aura have a joyous, energetic, and passionate personality. They are intelligent, creative, and optimistic. They thrive when connected with nature and soaking up the sun on a regular basis.

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Question 3: Can a Person Have More Than Two Auras?

While each person is different from the next, those who share a color will have personality traits and goals in common.

Your aura will reflect these things in you. You can’t have two colors at once as different colors reflect different things. 

However, your aura can change as you change.

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It can become darker as you experience dark times or thoughts, and become lighter again as you overcome these things and experience peace and calm once again. 

What Are the Auras Compatible With the Yellow Aura?

A yellow aura is one that represents a high level of spiritual intelligence and evolution. Therefore, a yellow aura will be compatible with other colors of a higher spiritual level. This includes blue, silver, gold, and violet. 

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