Best Yoga Headbands That You’ll Absolutely Love Wearing

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Not all yoga headbands were created equal!

From being germ resistant (ewww) to absorbing sweat, headbands ain’t just for hippies.

So here’s our buyers guide to 13 yoga headbands you’ll definitely want to wear…

(Gone are the days of letting your hair get in the way of your poses!)

Top 13 Best Yoga Headbands In 2022 – Reviews

1.     Halo Headbands Sweatband Tie Version

Halo AIR Series Sweatband Tie Version for Women and Men

Using Dryline fabric and patented Sweat Seal Grip Technology, this tie sweatband from Halo headbands doesn’t just absorb sweat, the patented SweatSeal channels sweat back and away from your eyes and face. 

It’s equipped with a non-slip grip technology that holds the band in place – even during the most extreme yoga poses!

These Halo headbands come in a variety of colours and are custom tie-fit for men and women.


·      Non-slip grip technology

·      Dryline fabric absorbs, wicks, dries quickly and kills odours.

·      1-year warranty against manufacturer defects


·      The colour fade after several washes

The Halo headbands sweatband tie version is a stylish headband, that’s designed to handle excessive sweating during yoga, working out and any type of exercise.  

2.     Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover

Halo II Sweatband Pullover

Halo’s best-selling headband also features their patented Sweat Seal Grip Technology and Dryline fabric.

Like the Halo Headbands tie version, this athletic sweatband is also designed to redirect sweat and moisture away from your eyes and face.

This version features a classic elastic pullover, designed to comfortably fit your head.

Created for high-performance training, it stays tight – even if you’re training everyday.

This headband is perfect for yoga, running, cycling and virtually any other activity that works up a sweat.


·      Sweat seal grip technology and Dryline fabric

·      Non-slip grip technology

·      Won’t lose shape, form or stretch out

·      Even works under a helmet


·      Flimsy rubber

This comfortable, pullover sweatband from Halo is ideal for yoga – it’s tight fitting, and keeps your hair in check.

3.     BLOM Original Women’s Headband

BLOM Original Boho 2-Pack

The BLOM original women’s headband can be styled to suit your mood, hairstyle or activity.

And it still looks stylish – even whilst you’re sweating, exercising or doing yoga.

It’s breathable, comfortable and comes with a silky lining – which is cool enough for breezy days yet retains enough heat to keep your ears warm in the winter.

It keeps away sweat and tames your hair, making it perfect to wear for a variety of occasions.


·      Has a patent pending design

·      Multi-purpose and can be styled in multiple ways

·      Cool and breathable fabric


·      Takes too long to dry after washing

·      Slides off a little

Handmade from high-quality rayon viscose, this headband is uniquely designed with a movable knot, so it’s easy to fit to your head.

It’s a stylish but functional headband to wear during workouts, yoga or just as a nice fashion accessory.

4.     Oureamod Wide Headbands for Men and Women

Oureamod Wide

This is pack of 6 headbands – each with their own unique style and colour.

So overall, it’s great value for money.

Made of 100% polyester microfiber, the fabric is thin, making it breathable with the right amount of stretchiness. 

It keeps away sweat, moisture and dries quickly too. 

This headband will also protect you from the sun in hot days and can be worn as a mask for protection.

It can be used for workouts, sports or as a scarf/helmet liner.


·      Made with 100% Polyester microfiber

·      Great value for money with six headbands

·      Versatile – use it for yoga or in the gym too!


·     You might find the fabric a bit too thin for your liking

Being flexible and stretchy, this colourful and multi-functional headband from Oureamod will keep your hair out your face and the sweat from your eyes!

5.     Heathyoga Headband


The Heathyoga non-slip headband for women is made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex – so it’s comfortable and stylish.

The materials are breathable and stretchy, holding back your hair and keeping away sweat.

It’s designed to absorb and evaporate sweat 3 times faster than sweatbands made from average cotton. 

This headband has a special bar design with a unique ‘grip-wave’ texture, keeping it in place even if you’re hanging upside down!

The Heathyoga headband is great for activities such as yoga, running, cross-training, working out and almost anything else fitness related.


·      Very comfortable

·      Non-slip feature

·      Dual-layered so it’s durable and stretchy


·      Gets a bit hot

Designed to be a high-performance workout headband, the Heathyoga is a solid option.

6.     DASUTA Non-Slip Lightweight Multi-Style Bandana Headbands

DASUTA Non-Slip Lightweight Multi-Style Bandana

Using eco-friendly materials, this headband from Dasuta is made of 87% Chinlon and 13% Lycra spandex.

It’s super soft, breathable and stretchy.

This comes in a set of 8 women’s yoga headbands.

It’s also lightweight and tight fitting.

Plus the stylish design doesn’t just keep your hair out of your face, but there’s various colours to suit your mood.

The headband is elastic, so it fits easily to your head!

There’s 8 vibrant colours in the pack to choose from, so you get plenty of choice.


·      Comes in a set of 8

·      One size fits all

·      Absorbs sweat


·      Quite tight

If you practice yoga multiple times a lot, this set of yoga headbands is perfect because you won’t have to keep washing the same headband over and over again.

7.     Women Headband Boho Floral Style Criss-Cross Head Wrap

ELACUCOS Boho Criss Cross

These bohemian-styled floral headbands from Elacucos are made perfect for yoga, running and hiking.

They’re soft and stretchy and not only look great but also keep the hair from your face and easily absorb sweat.

This set includes 4 different styles, each with their own floral patterns. 

They’re all extremely comfortable and soft.


·      Comes in a pack of 4.

·      Awesome fashion accessory

·      Soft and stretchy


·      The designs might be for everyone

If you’re looking for something simple to keep your hair in order whilst practicing yoga, then this set of 4 headbands from Elacucos is a great choice.

8.     MoKo Headbands


Made from imported and non-woven fabric, this stretchy and lightweight headband is a very good option.

You can wear this while running, cycling and practicing yoga but it’s actually more versatile than that…

This headband can also be used as a wristband, scarf, helmet liner, mask or head wrap – so you can get lot of uses out of it!

This all-in-one headband is reversible and will fit practically anyone.

It’s also available in multiple colours.

The front bowknot isn’t just for fashion – it also helps fit your headband in place.


·      Seamless breathable material for your comfort and protection

·      Soft and lightweight

·      Multi-purpose and reversible


·      Can become loose-fitting after heavy usage

The Moko Headband is trendy with its bow-knot design but it’s also windproof, quick-dry and wicks away sweat.

Overall, it’s an awesome headband for yoga and other exercises.

9.  RiptGear Yoga Headbands

RiptGear Stretch Sport

RiptGear yoga Headbands are non-slip and designed to fit comfortably adapt to your head size.

The unique blend of fabrics makes the RiptGear yoga headband perfect for almost any activity.

Plus, they’re comfortable and softer than cotton/microfiber.

They also have sweat-wicking properties to keep sweat out of your eyes.


·      Designed to wick away sweat

·      Non-slip materials

·      Comes in different styles


·      The Black dye can fade after several washes

Designed for heavy usage, the RiptGear Yoga headband is vibrant, comfortable and stays in place whilst you’re working out.

10.  Temple Tape Headbands

Temple Tape

This headband is designed to absorb and evaporate sweat 8 times faster than your average cotton sweatband.

The Temple tape headband is designed to be super slim and lightweight.

Made with specially crafted breathable materials, it’s stretchy and allows the temple tape to fit every head shape and size.

They’ve also equipped this with ‘all grip’ and ‘non slip’ technology, keeping your headband in place whilst you workout.


·      Unisex and fits all sizes

·      Absorbs and evaporates sweat quickly

·      Keeps sweat out of your face


·      Thin material

This ultra-absorbent and fast drying headband is ideal for hot yoga and any workout where you sweat a lot.  

11.  Maven Thread Women’s Headband

Maven Thread

The Maven thread headband features stretchy fabric that’s designed to avoid leaving a mark on your head after using it!

Made with the high quality fabric, it wicks sweat away quickly.

The overall design itself looks cool too.


·      Quickly wicks sweat away

·      Stretchy fabric design

·      Versatile and good as a fashion accessory too


·      Quite a large fit

If you want a yoga headband that also looks great, the Maven Thread headband gives you that for an affordable price.

12.  Calbeing Headband


We love this women’s yoga headband by Calbeing.

Its soft and stretchy, making it ideal for yoga, running, cycling and other workouts.

Its crafted with moisture-wicking materials, to help draw away sweat and keep your headband dry.


·      One size fits all

·      Wicks moisture away

·      Stylish and easy to use


·      Quite a tight fit

The Calbeing headband is made with high quality materials – and it’s durable too.

It’s ideal for yoga, pilates, running and working out.

13.     GAIAM Banyan and Bo Hot Yoga Headband

Banyan and Bo Hot

The Banyan and Bo Hot Yoga Headband from Gaiam helps you maintain your focus, even whilst practicing the most complicated of yoga poses.

They’re designed to be extra wide – perfect if you wear bangs or have a lot of hair!

They’re also ultra-absorbent and wick away sweat.

Made of 45% polyester, 42% nylon and 13% spandex, this headband dries really quickly and can be machine washed in cold water.


·      Wider band to hold more hair

·      Absorbs sweat

·      Silicone strip design which keeps them secure


·      No non-slip feature

Gaiam specializes in yoga accessories, and they have a great reputation!

So these Banyan and Bo headbands are a great option for any serious yogi.

Which Is The Best Yoga Headband In 2022?

Halo AIR Series Sweatband Tie Version for Women and Men

Starting from a simple bandana, the yoga headband has evolved to become far more than that!

So which is the best yoga headband?

With its wide variety of colours and designs, we’d say teh Halo Headbands Sweatband Tie version is the best.

Plus with the brand’s Sweatseal, non-slip technology, you’re getting a headband that looks cool – but also quickly absorbs sweat and keeps your hair place too. 

Definitely worth a shot!

How To Choose A Yoga Headband


Ideally you want a headband crafted non-sweat materials.

Most of the yoga headbands on this list are made with fabric that’s designed to fit to your head, stay in place and wick away sweat.


If you like a bargain, go for the headbands that come in a pack.

That way you’re getting value for money, and you don’t need to worry about washing your yoga headband after every single session.


Whether you have an active lifestyle or want a headband for style, go for something that’s going to last.

After all, you’ll be washing your headband frequently so it needs to be durable.


Most headbands are ‘one-size-fits all’.

Ideally, you want a headband that fits comfortably to your head – and doesn’t stretch too much after using it.


Most of these headbands can double up as a fashion accessory.

So go for one that looks cool – that way it’s more versatile, and even if you’re not practicing yoga you can still use it.

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