Best Yoga Shoes 2022 – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

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Should you use yoga shoes?

We feel your pain:

Maybe you want to protect your feet, you’re using a public yoga mat or you’re looking for a hygienic option to avoid practicing on a sweaty yoga mat!

Whatever the case, you’re in the right place.

In this buyers guide to yoga shoes, you’ll learn everything you need to know…

10 Best Yoga Shoes of 2022

1. FitKicks Women’s Flexible Flats

FitKicks Original Women's Foldable Active Lifestyle Minimalist Footwear Barefoot

This is an awesome alternative to expensive minimal shoes.

Coming in black with a grey pattern, they’re so light you won’t even notice you’re wearing them!

Designed like a sock, it has no heel, plenty of room for your toes and flexible soles. 

These shoes are a snug fit but they can still accommodate thin socks (if you prefer wearing them) and they feel warm on your feet.

Think of this as a protective glove for your feet – instead of just a standard yoga shoe.  


–       Soft and flexible

–       Rubber sole with good traction


–       Stitching comes undone

–       Irregular sizes

What makes FitKick great for indoor activities like pilates and yoga is that they’re comfortable and give your feet protection, but still you still feel you’re barefoot. 

2. Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe

Vibram FiveFingers Women’s Vi-b Fitness

They’re light, comfy and easy to wear.

These shoes also come with a decent amount of protection, and they have a ton of great reviews online! Even if you’re wearing them outside, they’re still enjoyable.

What I love about the Vibram yoga shoe is it’s so diverse:

You could use it for walking, running, hiking and of course, yoga practice. So you’re bound to get tons of value out of them.

3. Vibram Women’s VI-S Fitness and Yoga Shoe

Vibram Women's VI-S Fitness

Vibram are an amazing brand for yoga shoes – and this product is no exception!

I can’t lie:

They’re beautiful shoes!

Not only are they great for yoga but you can also use them at formal events too. The VI-S shoe protects your feet and it’s durable as well.

Plus the colour is pretty cool too – especially if you like crazy pink!

We wouldn’t recommend getting them wet though, because they can produce a bit of an odour.

Aside from that, they’re one of the best yoga shoes money can buy!

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4. Skechers Women’s Meditation-Studio Kicks

Skechers Women's Meditation-Studio Kicks

Soft, comfortable, easy to wear and giving you plenty of protection, we like these meditation and yoga shoes a lot!

They’re flexible and come with plenty of traction too.

But I have to question their durability:

If you’re going to be wearing yoga shoes every single day, these probably aren’t right for you.

However, if you’re a casual yogi and you’re just wearing them every so often, then you’ll love this product.

5. L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes

L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water footware Mens Womens Barefoot Aqua Swim Walking

…We love ’em!

So what sets them apart?

The L-Runs are unisex – so they’re good for men and women.

They’re great for outdoors activities:

Swimming, running, cayaking, water sports etc.

There’s no nasty odours, and no worrying whether they’re going to break whilst you’re out in the great outdoors.

They’re also very stable and will help your balance, especially if you’re running over slippy surfaces.

Overall, these are some of the best yoga shoes you’ll find on the market!

6. Gaiam No Slip Yoga Socks

Gaiam Grippy Socks for Women & Men

When it comes to yoga accessories, Gaiam are one of the best in the business!

So it’s not surprise that we loved these yoga shoes so much.


Mainly because they’re so damn grippy.

When you’re practicing some ambitious yoga positions, you want to make sure you’re confident you won’t fall.

And that’s the beauty of these:

They offer plenty of support and traction, giving you plenty of peace of mind.

What we did find was that the product tends to wear out a bit quickly, which isn’t ideal if you’re going to yoga 4-5 times per week.

…Yoga shoes just aren’t the same when they’ve got holes in them!

7. Toesox Elle Half Toe Grip Socks

ToeSox Grip Pilates Barre Socks – Non Slip Elle Half Toe

With it’s patented non-slip design, the Toesox Elle Half Toe shoes are perfect for practicing yoga.

You can also use these for kickboxing, yoga, dance and pilates.

The design is lightweight, so you’ll barely even notice that you’re wearing them. The material is comfortable, breathable and you could easily exercise without them getting in your way.

With it’s patented ToeSox 5-Design, you’ll find plenty of support for your ankle, so that your ankle doesn’t twist or bunch as your moving around.

But not just that – they also look cool too. So bonus points all around!

We also like the fact that your feet don’t get too warm if you’re practicing yoga indoors.

8. YogaPaws Elite Yoga Foot

YogaPaws SkinThin Non Slip Gloves and Yoga for Women and Men

The YogaPaws are a toeless design – so they’re breathable, but you’ll also protect your feet whilst practicing yoga.

Plus, you’ll enjoy the grip of a yoga shoe, whilst keeping your toes a cool temperature and protecting your feet.

They’re pretty small too:

That means they’re easy to carry around – you can just pop them in your handbag, purse or pocket.

And being made of very thin material, they’re barely noticeable on your feet.

What I also like is the fact that there’s no silicon dots on the bottom of the shoe – so it’s more durable – you won’t have to worry about the dots peeling off or getting damaged whilst being washed.

Easy peasy.

However, they do have a bit of a scent the first few days you’re using them.

It’s like a factory smell – but that quickly disappears after a couple of uses.

9. SIMARI Shoes

SIMARI Water footware Womens Mens Swim Pool Beach Aqua Socks

Ultra light, soft and quick-dry, SIMARI aqua socks are perfect for indoor and outdoor leisure activities like yoga.

You can wear them on the beach, cobbled roads, swimming pools etc.

Made of 92% polyester, the upper part of the shoe is made of a diving material with good breathability – plus it dries quickly too. 

The shoe has a smooth neck design that prevents chafing when being worn.

The sole is ergonomically moulded to fit the your foot and comes with shock absorption performance cushioning – ideal if you’re practicing some ambitious yoga poses.


–       Ultra light and quick drying

–       TPR-made sole that protects your feet

–       Made with comfortable and breathable fabric

–       Has a money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty


–       Not so durable long term

Comfortable and designed to stop you from slipping, SIMARI shoes are great for yoga.

10. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2

Sanuk Women's Sling 2

The sling isn’t just a dressy sandal to complete your outfit, it’s a yoga shoe that actually supports your feet and can reduce the potential tension and pain from walking barefoot.

This thong flip-flop has a comfy, soft sole and straps for a cosy fit. 

Sanuk is known for high quality footwear and this is no exception!

The yoga sling 2 is the perfect footwear for comfort and support.


–       Thong design for breathability

–       Padded yoga mat sole

–       The straps improve the overall fit of the shoe


–       The sole may be too narrow for some

For yogis and others who love the comfort of flip-flops, Sanuk’s yoga sling 2 is stylish and comfortable.

Final Verdict: Best Yoga Shoes

FitKicks Original Women's Foldable Active Lifestyle Minimalist Footwear

Out of all the yoga shoes reviewed, Fitkicks flexible flats are the best shoes for yoga. 

Its patented FlexForm sole is great for movement, stability and gives your feet plenty of support – which you really do need – especially during those complicated yoga poses. 

They’re light, breathable and comfortable. 

And with an ergonomic design that contours to your feet, you’ll feel like you’re not wearing any footwear at all!

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Yoga Shoes? 

Here’s what you need to consider when you’re buying yoga shoes…


For you to confidently practice each and every pose in your flow, your yoga shoes need to have great grip and traction.

If your yoga shoes have great traction, you’ll be able to focus and improve your poses – without having to worry about sliding around or falling over.


Your yoga shoes should also allow you to move with a full range of motion, so that you can extend as far as you can into each and every yoga pose.


While most yoga shoes are made to be comfortable, its still you who has the final say.

Always prioritize your comfort by checking the materials they’re made of.

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It can be sweaty and hot but yoga has a lot of benefits!

Breathable and non-absorbent yoga shoes will help your feet stay cool and dry.

Most yoga shoes can be worn outdoors and are either water-resistant or waterproof.


Much like comfort, style is also relative.

We all want to look great and express ourselves in our own way.

We’ve covered a ton of different styles in this yoga shoes buyers guide, so there’s something for everyone!

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