Zen Bedroom Ideas On a Budget

Yes, it’s possible – you can easily find zen bedroom ideas on a budget.

But where should you get started?

Here’s some of our favourite bedroom ideas that you find at home…

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Why Use Zen Bedroom Ideas?

Experts report that 1 in 12 U.S adults’ reports having depression.

Mental health is a bigger problem than ever.

So what’s the solution?

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A break from your ever whirling world.

Sometimes, bouncing back requires that we let go of our tight schedules and embrace a more flexible lifestyle.

One way to lean into a more flexible lifestyle is by creating for yourself, a Zen-inspired bedroom.

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The space is cozy, incredibly personal and here, you can easily breathe a sigh of relief from the world’s troubles.

In this room, the walls whisper tranquillity and peace as you drown in the echoes of its brilliant depth.

Useful: The Ensō Circle: The Ultimate Zen Guide, Create Atmosphere & Ambience In Your Space

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From the description of this intensely freeing bedroom space, you might think setting it up would require hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Newsflash: No, it wouldn’t. You can, in fact, craft a minimalistic, clutter-free Zen bedroom on a budget, with the unique ideas I’d be discussing in this article. Ready to have your mind blown?

Before we get into the specifics of a Zen bedroom, you need to fully grasp the concept of Zen.

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Zen typifies peace, humility and a piercing lack of pretentiousness. None of those flamboyant décor, loud colors or excessive materialism; for as soon as they are thrown into the mix, the spirit of Zen becomes hazy.    

You get a lot of breathing space with the uncomplicated décor, empty space, and simple lines in a Zen bedroom.

Lest I forget, you can infuse a splash of nature into the room, to make it add on a certain natural fragrance!

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Most people find it difficult to attain that crucial balance of body, mind, and spirit required for a blissful night’s rest; and find themselves tossing to and from in bed.

Little wonder we come down with health issues that are aggravated by poor sleep; such as obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

No one needs to tell you of the calming effects of a Zen bedroom; as soon as you walk in, the utter tranquillity that hits you is enough practical evidence!

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This is in keeping with the ancient Chinese teachings that birthed Zen; fusing the traditional elements of fire, wood, earth, water, and metal- and enjoying the holistic benefits of their synchronization.

As you design or re-create a Zen bedroom, you need to observe for an infusion of natural elements.

With the use of warm colors and plant decorations, your hectic lifestyle is soothed from the Zen angle.

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You come home to peace; to simplicity, to calm; and in that instant, there’s nowhere you’d rather be. 

Top 7 Best Zen Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

Here’s how to get your Zen-inspired bedroom on a budget:

1. Declutter

“That’s it?” you might be tempted to ask. Yes; the very first step to achieving a Zen bedroom is as simple as decluttering.

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Oh…wait, it’s not so simple.

There’s the stool dad bought you when you were moving into your first house, and the pretty shelves Danny gifted you, and the flower vases which remind you so much of spring and autumn in California and…wait!

Exactly; this is why you need to declutter!

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In expert Marie Kondo’s best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she introduces us to the KonMari method, helping us see that nostalgia is not our friend, and reminding us that the question of how we want to declutter is actually the question of how we want to live our lives!

As soon as you make an attempt to declutter, you discover how hard it can be to let go of a sleeping robe you’ve had for ten years (that remind you of some nostalgic event), or those books you’ve not as much as opened, which seem like they belong on your lampstand (they don’t).

Let’s face it: decluttering is hard. But the only way to get over it is through it.

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You have to get rid of lots of stuff if you’re serious about a Zen bedroom. Here’s why: an uncluttered space feels very spacious, and speaks of order.

Mourn for a while over the stuff you’ve got to take out if you have to; but by all means, go through with the decluttering process.

You can start out with your closet’s contents, working your way through your dresser, underneath your bed, wall-hung art, your bedding, the curtains.

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As you take out stuff, only the barest minimum amount of needed things should be left in the room.

You might find yourself tinkering between whether to let off certain things, especially if they hold sentimental value.

I understand how tough that is. Follow the golden rule when you get to these crossroads.

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This is the golden rule:  If you have to think twice about whether something needs to stay or go, let it go!

One of the hardest things to let go of is our clothes.

This happens even when you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in over a year and you still find it impossibly hard to just let go.

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There’s always this ‘what if’ question at the back of your mind. So here’s a rule to try out when that question pops up:

The Oprah Winfrey closet hanger experiment.

First, you hang all of your clothes with the hangers turned in the reverse direction.

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After you’ve worn an item of clothing, you then return it into your closet with the hanger facing the correct direction.

After doing this for six months, you would know which clothes have been worn often enough to be kept, and its crystal clear which clothes you don’t wear that often.

Good luck with your experiment!

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2. Signature Zen Palette

Care to know what Zen’s signature palette is? Neutral.

Nothing speaks volumes of Zen, as a warm and neutral color scheme. Look into nature and absorb those soft, calming colors- yes, that’s Zen!

Take hints from subtle colors like beige, blush, pale straw, white, gray, sky-blue; painting your walls and ceilings in these colors. 

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One of the most exhilarating features of these colors is the lack of distraction they offer.

These colors are also very soothing, and when combined with a handwoven rug and quality plain white sheet beddings, you can safely enjoy your Zen space.

3. A Splash of Nature

In the Zen landscape, nature equals beauty. As much as possible, add bamboo plants, smooth stones, water; anything that symbolizes nature is just fine, and you can be creative about how they’re displayed.

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For instance, you can incorporate the calming sound of water via a tabletop fountain in the middle of the room or on your lampstand.

A green bamboo stand placed in a simple clay pot, rustling softly when windows are open, would be an excellent feature of a Zen bedroom. 

Further, beautify your bedroom with a hanging spider plant in the window; the graceful plant brings you peace.

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Thinking about bringing in blossoms? A single blossom placed in a clear glass flute vase transports you into a meditation zone with ease. 

How about an angular sculpture anchored in a glass globe, or a small basket of woven glasses holding polished beach rocks? 

Heavenly! It is usually best to leave walls either unadorned or with a singular piece of painting or calligraphy. Let those walls speak. 

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4. Minimalistic Furniture

Thread with caution when adding furniture to your Zen bedroom.

Ensure those pieces of furniture have simple, low lines. Avoid the use of camelback sofas or cabriole legs.

If you’d use furniture, go more in favor of neutral solid colors and Asian or modern furniture.

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Getting rid of fussy pieces is a good idea.

For your Zen bedroom, silk fabric pillows are enchanting to the eye. As reiterated throughout this article, keep your colors down to soft hues.

5. Lighting and Flooring

The lights in your Zen bedroom should be as simple as possible; with plain white or natural sheer window covers. Stay away from elaborate ornamentation of your windows.

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If you need more privacy, use bamboo or wooden blinds, as they’d easily harmonize with the room’s natural elements.

For Zen design, recessed lighting is just perfect, as it screams ‘uncluttered’.

However, for reading, get a lamp with rice paper shade and plain lines for proper accentuation.

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Tech gurus are also jumping in on Zen light ideas for optimization of sleeping and waking times, proving that they are truly effective.

And if by any chance you still keep non-Zen items in the room, it’s best to use a room divider such as a simple screen.

Flooring can be made of wood or stone; especially since you’re keeping a natural theme. Your rugs can be made of reed or sisal; both earth-friendly materials.

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6. Zen Mattress

If your mattress has you turning uncomfortably in bed every minute, then you aren’t living the Zen life.

Each morning, you should wake up feeling totally free of aches and pains; that’s what the Zen lifestyle is all about.

Your choice of mattress should give you a superior sleep experience, incorporating open cell technology, cooling and ventilating you from head to toe, providing an optimal sleep temperature for you.

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It might help to surf this websites for mattress ideas and coupon:

Questions you should ask yourself as you choose a suitable mattress include:

  • What size does this mattress have to be for me to feel comfortable while sleeping on it?
  • How much space do I have for a mattress in my Zen bedroom?
  • Does this mattress feel right for me?

7. Zen Scents

Best believe a Zen bedroom shouldn’t have a pungent odor or lingering cigarette smell.

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Instead, it should be filled with relaxing, natural scents, such as those of essential oils, soy or beeswax candles, lavender- whatever tickles your fancy and says ‘welcome home’ or ‘good morning’!

Because scents bring back memories and the olfactory center is linked directly to the brain’s emotional center, a simple sniff can be used to transport you into moments of bliss.

Wonder why Zen scents are so powerful?

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There is research evidence to show that taking a forest stroll helped reduce anxiety and depression in participants as they walked through pine woods.

These scents hold within themselves, an abundance of memories.

This is why lavender can help you sleep, cinnamon can sharpen your mind, fresh grass can make you feel more joyful, pine can help reduce the stress you feel, citrus can help you feel super energized and jasmine can help ease depressive moods.

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How Will These Zen Bedroom Ideas Help You?

Zen captures so much, in its minimalistic, elegant framework.

In a Zen-oriented environment, you experience both physical and spiritual calmness.

And who doesn’t need that, anyway?

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We are all trapped in a world of hustle and bustle that we try to escape from without much success. Be thankful for your sanctuary of peace!  

So why don’t you get ready for the most relaxing period of your adult life- take out that clutter?

Remove the television set from your room (it’s only a distraction); be as minimalistic as possible with your furniture, go subtle on the lighting, flooring, and painting; go for the right mattress and relaxing scents.

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Ultimately, do not forget that Zen and nature are intertwined- and a healthy splash of nature in your Zen bedroom would do you a lot of good.

After taking care to structure your bedroom for utter relaxation, remember that the most important person in the bedroom is you, not the objects in there.

And so, whatever you do, remember that Zen is all about allowing yourself to soak in the experience without trying to let others in on this aspect of your life.

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There is so much bliss in enjoying private moments alone, and with a Zen bedroom, you have been gifted moments of privacy, tranquility, peace and a slice of heaven.