Best Chair To Sit In After Knee Replacement Surgery of 2022

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It’s undeniable, finding the perfect chair to recover in after knee replacement surgery is crucial.

You need a chair that’s firm, durable and comfortable – plus you don’t want it to be too hard to set up, especially if you’re not very mobile.

So that’s why we’ve created this guide.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best chairs to sit in after knee replacement surgery and review the best one for you.

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Editor’s Top 10 picks:
Best Chair To Sit In After Knee Replacement Surgery

​1. Ashley Furniture Power Lift Recliner

Ashley Furniture Power Lift

This contemporary recliner chair is equipped with powerlift technology and other features that sets it apart from others.

It’s fairly wide and has enough room for comfort and functionality.

The build is designed with corner-blocked frames, tufted headrests, a lengthy backrest, cushioned armrests and a bustle back.

All of this gives you plenty of lumbar support to help you recover from your knee replacement.

Operated by a dual motor lift, it reclines easily and elevates your legs, which is great for speeding up your recovery.

The entire chair is upholstered in faux saddle brown leather that’s cozy, comfortable and warm.

This also includes an instruction manual and the tools you need to assemble it.


  • This chair comes with plenty of room
  • It’s great aesthetically and comfortable to lounge on – perfect if you need to rest whilst recovering from a knee replacement
  • The motor is quiet and smooth, especially when you use the remote control
  • The resting position is set a little higher than regular recliner chairs to accommodate taller users
  • The remote control is simple and easy to use for older users
  • The remote has individual controls for both the head and footrests


  • The faux leather fabric has a bit of a chemical smell
  • The power supply box can malfunction sometimes, meaning the chair gets stuck temporarily
  • The entire chair is heavy and the seat is a bit too deep for smaller users
  • The faux leather fades after a few weeks

Verdict: It’s undeniable, this power lift recliner chair looks cool.

It’s best feature is the individual controls for the head and footrests, allowing you to customise your position while lounging in it. 

If you’re looking for a motorised chair to sit in after a knee replacement, this is a great option.

2. Homall Black Recliner

Homall Black

The Homall Black Recliner is a sleek-looking chair that’s designed for comfort.

It’s manually operated, which might be difficult to use if you’re not very mobile after your knee surgery.

So instead of operating via a motor or remote control, this chair reclines via a push/pull motion.

The chair has an adjustable footrest, curved armrests, a wide cushioned seat, and a thick recliner back for extra comfort.

Its frame is made from highly durable steel, upholstered with a thick foam padding and a allergy-friendly PU leather. The foam is durable too, so it doesn’t thin-out over time.

The chair can accommodate a maximum weight of up to 265 lbs.


  • It’s manual, so it’s not noisy to use
  • You can use it without depending on electricity
  • The reclining mechanisms are sturdy and easy to adjust
  • The assembly is easy and it comes at a friendly price
  • It’s wide and comfortable, which is great if you’re recovering from a knee replacement because you can sit and relax on there for hours at a time


  • Its small in size and headrest can’t accommodate taller people
  • The chair is low-sitting, slanted and doesn’t allow you to sit up straight
  • You might tip backwards if you’re too heavy
  • The reclining motion becomes a bit stiff over time

Verdict: This affordable manually reclining chair is one of the best chairs to sit in after a knee replacement, because it’s quiet, comfortable and easy to adjust.

​3. Flash Furniture Leather Rocker Chair

Flash Furniture Leather Rocker

This contemporary styled leather rocker chair from Flash Furniture is operated and reclined by a rocking motion.

You can also use it’s pull-lever system too.

It offers great support for your neck, back, knees and arms through its thick padding and bustle-back cushions.

The chair boasts a padded seat of 5 inches. It comes with a fire retardant foam wrapped in brown faux leather.

The chair weighs 95 lbs and has dimensions of 66 X 43 X 39 inches.


  • This is a large-sized chair that can accommodate tall people and weights of 350 lbs or more
  • It reclines easily and is plush and comfortable enough for sleeping
  • The chair can recline to an almost flat-laying position so your body can stretch out – this gives you plenty of positions to rest your knee
  • The rocking motion is actually quite fun
  • The chair’s curves are engineered to give maximum comfort


  • The upholstery is not genuine leather and may wear off after a year or so
  • It’s a big chair and will take up a lot of space
  • The adjustable lever is positioned too low when the chair is fully reclined
  • You need to push hard to get the foot cushion to retract – might not be ideal if both your knees are recovering

Verdict: While the faux leather may flake off after a few month’s use, this is a great rocking chair for recovering from knee surgery. It’s big, comfortable and accommodates tall/big people. 

However, it’s heavy build also means you need a bit more strength to operate it.

4. Divano Roma Furniture Recliner

Divano Roma Furniture

This is a beautiful motion recliner chair with a smooth rocking feature that provides comfort and a great place to relax whilst you’re recovering from a knee replacement.

It’s made with a hardwood frame, padding, seats, and armrests – so if you need somewhere to relax for hours whilst you keep your knee rested, the Divano Roma is perfect.

The seating is designed to be extra wide to accommodate almost any size/weight.

Its design comes with a classy traditional upholstery in plush bonded brown leather.

This chair has dimensions of 42 X 40 X 37 inches.


  • The chair is well-cushioned and the seat is springy for extra comfort
  • It swivels and reclines nicely, giving you plenty of options for resting your knee
  • Easy to put together – only the arms and back need to be attached – plus you don’t need any tools


  • The smell of the upholstery isn’t very pleasant
  • The joints are supported by thin shafts of wood that can splinter and break from a heavy load
  • The stitching on the armrest falls apart after a few years of usage
  • The armrest cushions are held on by velcro and they can easily get pulled off.

Verdict: This reclining chair from Divano Furniture is great if you want a good rocking chair to relax in whilst you recover from your knee replacement.

But it’s a bit small and its height is a bit low. So it may be uncomfortable to get out of, especially if you’re not very mobile.

​5. Pulaski Power Recliner with Tray

This chair gives an awesome recline feature at the touch of a button.

It comes with multiple reclining positions that you can set up for different positions, depending on where your knee feels most comfortable.

Although it markets itself as a home theatre seat, this chair’s multiple function features is great for helping your knee recover after surgery.

That’s especially true because it comes with an attachable swivel tray that could fit a plate of food, your laptop or even a book.

It’s electric-powered, with one outlet and two USB plugs tucked away in the arm storage to charge your electronic devices.

Despite being upholstered in faux leather, it’s soft, comfortable and breathable. It also comes with a Blanche black textile made mostly of polyester, that’s durable and easy to clean.

This chair weighs 119 lbs and measures 38 X 39.5 X 43 inches.


  • The power recliner feature is great for putting the seat in your desired position, so you can optimise your chair’s position to reduce the pain from your knee replacement
  • Comes with handy storage options
  • The USB ports are very useful for charging up your phone and other electronics
  • The swivel tray is flexible, can be used on either side for comfort and can be tucked away when you’re not using it


  • It doesn’t come with instructions on how to use its electrical connections
  • The electronics can malfunction and the chair can get stuck in certain positions
  • The headrest doesn’t have much padding
  • The electrical cord for the USB port is a bit too short – you may need to purchase an extension

Verdict: The multi-functionality and extra features of this chair allow you to eat or have a snack and use mobile gadgets at the same time while lounging in it.

So if you’re recovering from a knee replacement, this chair is flexible enough to sit in all day if you’re not very mobile.

And the best part is that you can recline the chair to several angles, so your back won’t get tired from sitting in one position.

​6. Dorel Living Slim Recliner

Dorel Living Slim

The Dorel Living Slim recliner is ideal for small spaces.

It features high back support, so it’s great if you’re taller than most people.

It has a smooth pushback mechanism and a padded footrest that raises when you lean back and recline.

The chair’s design is awesome. Plus it’s upholstered in soft-beige microfiber that blends well to almost any room colour.

Its thickly padded seat, wide arms, and tall back design make it a great deco furniture piece.

The chair weighs 47.3 lbs and measures 35.8 X 31 X 38 inches.


  • The long back support is comfortable, accommodating almost any height
  • Great if you want to sit in an upright position whilst recovering from your knee replacement
  • Its cushions are very comfortable too


  • The seat is snug and narrow – but it may not be comfortable if you’re bigger than most people
  • The footrest is a bit short
  • The reclining mechanism can get a bit stiff and needs more push/force than the average chair
  • The size is a bit small (according to several reviews)

Verdict: If you’re tired of bulky and dark coloured reclining chairs, then this could be a great option.

It’s one of the best chairs to sit in after a knee replacement because it’s comfortable, helps you sit in an upright position and takes the weight off your knees.

But it may be too small for the average person and the recliner is a little stiff.  

7. Coaster Power Lift Recliner

This power lift recliner from Coasting Home Furnishings is built with a power lift system that’s easily operated via a two-button remote control.

The system reclines steadily as the footrest automatically rises and straightens to help you stand up.

If you’re tired of the faux leather that most recliner chairs are usually made with, this one is a great option as it’s upholstered in ultra-soft cushions and textured taupe fabric.

This chair is also designed with oversized pillow armrests for comfort and has two side pockets to keep important items.


  • The power lift system helps you go from sitting to standing, so if you have knee problems then you’ll be able to get up quicker
  • Easy to assemble
  • The motors are quiet
  • Cushions are firm yet comfortable and don’t sink
  • The fabric is plush, soft and breathable


  • The cushioning may not be sufficient for some
  • Lifting and reclining motion is a bit slow
  • Doesn’t lay fully flat

Verdict: This chair has garnered a lot of positive reviews with people with knee replacements, mainly because it gives you plenty of assistance, especially when you go from reclining to sitting.

​8. Bonzy Lift Recliner


The Bonzy Lift recliner is a cozy reclining chair equipped with lumbar support technology that gives you strong back support, whether reclined or in an upright position.

With this chair, you can lift it up and then tilt it slightly, giving you the support into standing upright without stressing your back or straining knees.

It’s sturdy enough to accommodate users up to 300lbs, as it’s constructed with a laminated veneer framework that maximises its durability.

The chair is upholstered with a soft and comfortable fabric that’s also very easy to clean.

It comes with a remote control to operate it with ease. You can store your remote in the chair’s right pocket too.


  • The power lift and tilting feature is very good support for mobility
  • It’s smooth and the operating motor is quiet
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • It’s comfortable and sleek, without being too bulky
  • Relatively cheaper than the average reclining chair


  • This chair is small and narrow – and may not fit taller/bigger users
  • The cushion is a bit lightweight – if you’re a heavier user, the steel frame is a bit uncomfortable
  • The reclining movement is slow
  • Some users have complained it’s not very durable

Verdict: This is a reclining chair that’s great for mobility, so it’s perfect if you’ve just had a knee replacement.

But it’s smaller than the average chair on this list and several Amazon reviews state it malfunctions after just a few month’s uses.

​9. Frivity Power Lift Recliner Chair

Frivity Power Lift

This is a high-quality massage chair integrated with a power-lift mechanism that pushes the entire chair up from its base.

So it’ll help you stand up, and give you a bit more support whilst balancing on your bad knee.

The backrest reclines and the leg rest is also adjustable for comfort. Its made from a sturdy wooden frame that’s durable and designed for sitting in for long periods of time.

The chair has 2 cup holders on the armrests, 1 lateral pocket on both sides and 2 pockets in front of the armrests.

The entire chair is cushioned in high-density foam and upholstered in bonded leather.

It has a carrying capacity of up to 300 lbs and measures 37 X 34.5 X 42.3 inches.


  • The power lift mechanism is great if you have knee problems
  • The multiple storage pockets are convenient for storing your gadgets
  • Design is sleek


  • The chair wobbles after a few month’s use
  • The chair can tip over if you’re too heavy
  • No instructions for the remote control – you might find it confusing to operate at first

Verdict: In spite of the great support feature this power lift recliner chair offers, it’s not ideal if you’re quite heavy.

However, it’s perfect to sit in after a knee replacement because it’s easy to maneuver and supports you when you stand up.

​10. Langria Sofia Chairs

This is a chic and stylish chair designed with a clean and modern look.

It has a full extension reclining feature, which you can activate by gripping the armrest and pushing back. It reclines to a full 165-degree angle.

It returns to an upright position simply by leaning forward and pulling back on the leg rest.

So it’s easy to use, and if you don’t have a lot of mobillity in your knee you don’t need much power to use it.

The pockets on the sides are good for storage.

The frame is constructed with wood and high-quality metal, which is sturdy enough to support a weight of up to 200 lbs.

The seat, back, headrest and armrests are well padded for support and hours of sitting.

The look is completed in faux leather upholstery and the dimensions are at 61 X 29.5 X 32 inches.


  • Easy to assemble and doesn’t require much space to set up
  • The fabric stays cool and comfortable during the day
  • It’s easy to move around


  • Doesn’t convert into a bed, so it’s not great for sleeping
  • The seat cushions are short and may be a bit too firm for comfort
  • It has limited reclining options vs others on this list

Verdict: This chair is great for its sleek and modern look.

The padding isn’t great if you’re really struggling with pain in your knee. If so, you might require a thicker chair this list.

The Verdict: What’s ​Best Chair To Sit In After Knee Replacement Surgery?

The most important feature to consider here is how efficient the chair is for people with mobility issues.

After all, if you’re recovering from a knee replacement then you need a chair you rely on – supporting your recovery along the way.

From this list, the Ashley Furniture Power Lift Recliner chair has the best mobility assistance feature, with the only reported problems being its design.

But If you’re looking for a manual chair that you can use without needing electric power, the DIvano Roma Furniture Recliner is great for its rocking motion feature.

It may not be necessarily designed for people with mobility problems but it’s well-cushioned and it’s easy to recline feature makes it a good choice for sitting in with a knee replacement.

How To Find The Best Chair To Sit In After Knee Replacement Surgery

Here are the main factors to look for when choosing which chair is best for you and your knee problems.


Most chairs come in leather because it’s easy to clean. Some are also made with textured fabric for extra breathability and comfort.

Really, you want the chair to complement the interior design of your house or apartment. Black usually works very well.


Electric recliner chairs naturally cost more than manual chairs. Chairs that offer extra features can also cost more than simpler ones.

But there are traditional chairs that are simple, functional and yet still cost more because of the quality of the materials they’re made with.

Mobility Assistance

If you’re dealing with bad knees, this is the most important aspect to consider.

While there are recreational reclining chairs, there are also manual and electric chairs specifically designed with power-lift functionality and other features to help you with your mobility issues.


Your chair is where you’ll spend a lot of time resting and recuperating from knee surgery. The materials in the product listing will give you an idea of how durable it is.

So check the seams if they’re well sown, feel the frames if they’re wood or steel, or sit on it and check if it feels sturdy enough. It’s also best to consider if it has a product warranty, should any issues arise.

Mobility Issues

These chairs are often big and bulky – that’s not ideal when you want to take it easy on your knees.

So if you plan to move your chair around, consider the ones that come with wheels because they’ll be easier to push and slide along your floor.


Lastly, choose the chair that’s easy to assemble, because then you won’t have the stress of setting it up.

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