8 Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress That Actually Work.

Are you feeling anxious? Or struggling to switch off? Want some healthy ways to deal with stress that really work?

Over 70% of us are worried struggling with stress every single day.

Work. Money. Health. Relationships. Sleep deprivation.

This world is a demanding place – and it takes a huge toll on our mental health.

But with the list below, you’ll discover the best natural & healthy ways to deal with stress

8 Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress That Actually Work.

1. Stay Active.

Yoga. Running. A gentle stroll around the block.

However you choose to exercise, take it easy & enjoy it.

Exercise is one of the best healthy ways to deal with stress because it releases endorphines (hormones that make you feel great).

…Exercise takes your mind off stress.

…It distracts you from your worries.

…And it can even increase your confidence to deal with stressful situations.

Remember: No matter how stressed you’re feeling, you’re only one workout away from a good mood.

Useful Resources For Practicing Yoga & Staying Active:

2. Grab Some More Sleep.

It’s no secret…

The more sleep we get, the lower our stress levels.

Even skipping a few hours of sleep can make you irritable, tired and stressed.

And just an extra 60 to 90 minutes sleep per night can dramatically slash your stress levels.

Isn’t that the perfect excuse for a nap?

Tip: If you’re struggling to get healthy, quality sleep then try switching off from all technology for at least an hour before you go to sleep.

Floods of information from social media, notifications & emails keep your mind too stimulated to sleep properly.

3. Get A Feel-Good Diet.

When it comes to healthy ways to deal with stress, your diet can suffer drastically.

…And that means you’re not equipped with the energy you need to cope with stress.

Here’s a few examples of how stress affects your diet:

  • You overeat junk food to numb your emotions, such as chocolate, pizza and crisps.
  • You abuse food to deal with anxiety & stress.
  • You lack an appetite and stop eating, meaning your energy levels drop.
  • You search for the cure to your stress in the fridge.
  • Healthy food is critical not just for you, but also for kids too

If any of the above sounds like you, don’t feel guilty!

Thousands of people fall into the same eating habits. Emotional eating is a huge psychological issue that many of us suffer with.

So here’s some advice:

Stick to a balanced, healthy diet.

And take pride in your cooking whilst making your meals fun.

Make sure you eat plenty of veggies, wholegrains and avoid bingeing on junk food.

Cooking healthy is an incredibly relaxing way to unwind. Explore the foods you love and discover how you creative you can get with cooking. It can even minimise chronic pain, as this article explains.

Tip: Avoid overdoing it on sugary foods as well – they’ll leave you feeling tired and stressed because they dramatically change your blood sugar levels.

4. Meditate.

Meditation is a beautiful way to relax, especially when it becomes a routine practice.

Personally, I’ve never felt so relaxed with relaxation!

Many people find that meditation is a life-changing experience.

Most us never set time aside just to sit down and listen to our own thoughts. So meditation gives us a chance to reflect and have some quality time with ourselves.

And a quick YouTube search will give you plenty of guided meditations that talk you through the whole process of meditating.

Resource: Naked Meditation: Everything You Need To Know

If meditation sounds like a foreign concept to you, don’t worry…

…With meditation, you don’t need to be religious. You don’t need to be a hippie. In fact, you don’t even have to be spiritual at all!

Think of meditation as just a concentration technique:

It simply takes your mind off stress & helps you clear your thoughts.

Tip: If you’d like to learn how to meditate & reduce stress, check out this list of stress reduction books

Most of these stress ebooks come with relaxation techniques, tips and ways to use meditation to reduce stress.

5. Music Is Good For The Soul.

There’s no better way to beat your stress than music.

You can take it everywhere you go. You have millions of songs to choose from. And whatever your taste in music, there’s an album for you.

Music is incredibly inspiring – and that’s a beautiful cure for stress.

Check these amazing music tracks for some inspiration!

You can even find mind machines that use sound to reduce your stress levels.

6. Quit Alcohol.

Drinking can cause anxiety for days after it’s been caused…

What comes up must come down. And whilst a drink might calm your nerves for a few hours, it can really upset your stress levels for a day or too afterwards.

Hangovers create a lot of anxiety.

It’s hard to sleep properly, you feel dizzy and it’s a struggle to think clearly…That’s not a great combination when you’re feeling stressed!

7. Get Out The House & Socialise.

Spending time with your friends and family is like a breathe of fresh air…

It’s a healthy way to take your mind off the stress in your life and just have a good time.

…We are social creatures after all!

Reconnecting with your friends & family is a great way to appreciate just how many people care about you.

And you don’t have to go for a beer or wine either.

Going out for a meal, exploring a new city or just having a cuppa is a great way to socialise too.

Plus you’re not alone:

Your friends and family get stressed too. They’ll have the same anxieties and fears as you. The world is a stressful place and we’re all in the same boat!

Tip: Socialising is a great way to vent about how you’re feeling and get some tips on how others close to you are dealing with stress too.

Expressing yourself is one of the best healthy ways to deal with stress.

8. Reconnect With Nature.

When was the last time you felt that WOW moment?

Whether you’re spending the day relaxing on the beach, hiking in the mountains or going for a cycle down the canal, nature is one of the most powerful, healthy ways to deal with stress.

Connecting with nature gives you that serene sense of wonder that you just can’t find anywhere else.

It’s no wonder that the hustle & bustle of city life leaves us stressed.

So why not spend the weekend relaxing in the countryside instead?

How To Deal With Stress In Moderation.

If you’re like me, it might be tempting to try all of the above at once.

But stop!

…And remember the key is everything in moderation.

You don’t need to go overboard on any of the techniques above – because that may even stress you out too much.

Instead, just enjoy these healthy ways to deal with stress at your own pace and take your time.